Thursday, December 6, 2012

NFL Hits by Chad Brooks

My brother Chad had to write an editorial for his writing class at BYU. He wrote it on the dangers and consequences of players getting hit in the NFL. Enjoy...

Chad Brooks
Tara Boyce
Writing 150 Op-Ed
14 September 2012
Nice Hit! What people don’t know about these “Hits”

Just as the world is constantly changing, the NFL is an evolving organization. Since football’s birth in 1869, the game has changed in various ways, from the gear worn to specific rules. Today, players are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever, which has resulted in serious injuries for those who play the game they love. Side effects of big hits include broken bones, major concussions, eventual brain damage, and recently, suicide. Many people enjoy watching big hits, as do I, but the consequences of these hits can be deadly. In attempt to prevent as many serious injuries as possible, the NFL implemented guidelines and new rules in 2010. Despite the fact that most people dislike these rules and think that they take away from the game, I am in favor of the rules the NFL has implemented to help stop serious injuries to its players.
I played football in high school and took some hard hits that left me with injuries that are still affecting me. I live with tendonitis after breaking my wrist my freshman year. When I was a sophomore I separated and sprained the AC joint in my shoulder, and I still have problems with the same shoulder everyday. My junior and senior year I received some brutal hits and two mild concussions. High school football is on a much lower level of play than the NFL, but even still, serious injuries can happen to its athletes.
In 2010 the NFL implemented new rules for player safety. These rules include: when a ball carriers’ helmet comes off the play is whistled dead; during field goals and punts opposing players cannot line up directly over the center; and officials will call more 15 yard penalties for spearing at or launching at a defenseless player. Overall these rules benefit the players and don’t take away from the game of football, they only enhance player safety (Volin).
When you get into your car everyday, do you think to yourself, “I am going to get into a crash and get seriously injured or die”? This thinking relates to the NFL and its players. Many people think NFL players understand the risks they take when they sign up, and therefore, there shouldn’t be rules against certain hits. NFL athletes don’t think about getting injured or dying every time they step onto the field to play. They think about the plays they want to make and what their responsibilities are. Incurring serious injures is sometimes a shock to many athletes and can lead to depression, especially if these injuries end their career.  There are traffic laws and car safety to keep us safe when we drive, and there should be rules and guidelines to keep football players safe as well.
People also think that because NFL players are paid so much, they are compensated for the hits and concussions they receive. While the majority of NFL players attend college, most don’t graduate before being drafted. They can be in a rough spot when career-ending injuries happen because the money they earned only lasts them so long. They are out of jobs and finding new ones can be hard if they don’t have college degrees. According to Sports Illustrated, roughly 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or under financial stress within two years of retirement (Wiles). Many people have no sympathy for these players because they only think about the money they earned while they were playing. Those making these judgments need to realize that NFL players are normal human beings just like the rest of us. Many players go bankrupt and go through various stages of depression, which can be a result of serious mental injuries from concussions.
Former BYU quarterback Jim McMahon stated, “There are a lot of times when I walk into a room and forget why I walked in there” (Mitchell). After his career at BYU, McMahon played in the NFL for 14 years, spending time as a Chicago Bear and San Diego Charger. He is one of many former players to have mental problems after retiring. Serious mental injuries come from illegal hits that cause concussions time and time again. These serious concussions lead to very problematic mental problems, such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE).  Individuals with this degenerative disease suffer with memory loss, aggression, confusion, depression and occasionally suicide (Schwarz). Former NFL star Junior Seau is one of three suicide victims that shot themselves in the chest. One of the suicide victims, two-time Super Bowl champion Dave Deurson, left a note asking for his brain to be donated to the NFL’s brain bank (Schwarz). Duerson believed that the many hits he took while playing in the NFL caused him to be mentally impaired. The Boston University School of Medicine found that Duerson suffered from CTE, believed to be caused from his 10 concussions he received during his time in the NFL (Smith).
There are a lot of former players that have experienced problems with memory loss and severe brain damage. In 2011, McMahon and six former NFL players filed a lawsuit against the NFL. Their case stated that the NFL did not handle concussion injuries as well as it should have. Shortly after, 75 other former players made similar complaints against the NFL (Kyros). Former athletes that have played in the NFL realize the risks players are at today; they have been in their same position. These retirees are prime examples of what happens to you after you come out of the brutal NFL.
I know that most people don’t realize that mental damage and suicide can happen to the players they enjoy watching. The NFL uses the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Committee to cover up the evidence of the brain damage that comes from concussions (Kyros). If the NFL didn’t try to cover up these effects, more would know and understand that although these big hits are entertaining, they can ruin the lives of the inflicted. The game of football has changed and will continue to. The fact that players keep getting bigger, faster, and stronger makes it impossible for rules to not adapt to the present state of the game. If the NFL hadn’t made any rule alterations since football started in 1869, the game would not have lasted. The changes they have made are in the best interests of its players. Even though some are critical of the rules changes, there are those that think even more rules or fines should be implemented. I am for the newly added rules the NFL implemented in 2010 and believe there will be many more changes in the years to come. Ask yourself this, “Do I want to be selfish and continue to watch these big hits for my entertainment, or do I want refs to call penalties on the enforcers of these hits to keep players safe?”

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Europe 2012

So it has only been about 7 months since I've posted...lots have happened such as Trygve and I graduating from BYU, I got a job, my brother moved out to Utah for BYU,  redKonnect got an office and stopped using our second bedroom for one, and...

Over the summer we took about a 3 week trip to Europe. First stop was to the beautiful luscious waterland - Norway with the whole Jensen family. After a week there just Tryg and I went down to Italy then up and over to France and Spain.

    Serious jet lag from the flight into Norway.


    Before the hike up Preikestolen

    Yummy pizza rolls  

    The lovely Erin


    We are so colorful

    Boat ride

    Freezing water - we all had to go in

    The whole Norwegian family

Pictures from the last part of our trip will come later..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Romney 1% Swag

One of my friends made some Romney shirts. 

Represent Romney and get yourself a shirt!
(Note: They sell out pretty fast. So don't procrastinate!)

(Not meaning he has no swag...meaning he is part of the 1%...swag. heck yeah)


Tonight for dinner Tryg and I had:

Homemade Tortilla Soup. 

And it was dang good, not to mention healthy too!
 (I may have gone a little heavy on the cheese, I can't help it though I love cheese.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Schedules

Trygve and I cannot wait to graduate in April. Our lives are just a little busy right now, but hey isn't everyone always busy? Even though we are, we are happy. Being busy keeps us happy. It is much better than laying around having nothing to do - but it is nice to have a short break every now and then. 

I am currently taking 26 credits...ah! 8 credits are independent study and 18 credits are in class/normal ones (?) I am also working, just as a host, because I can mostly work a couple hours at night. Now Trygve, you are working 30 hours a week, and doing awesome at your job I might add, taking 12 credits (some which are calculus..), AND working on developing your business venture idea redKonnect. I don't know how you balance it all, but I think you are doing great. [Oh and he is quite the talk in his office. I heard he is a 'legend' - almost, he has only been working there a month or so - all the kids that are training came up to his office and asked where is the guy that went 21 for 20?!]

Last week Autumn, Brent, and their boys were in Utah. Tryg and I were so excited. They live in Tennessee and we hardly get to see them (Note: Tryg we NEED to go visit them!). We got to spend some good quality time with them eating, talking, and hot tubing. While they were here Severin came up to me and called me 'mom' thinking I was Autumn. Autumn if you are reading this -- I only wish I was as hot and talented as you! It was a good time, especially for Tryg. He always loves seeing his older sister that he loves so much. 

Chad was also in town last weekend. It was nice having him over and going to the gym, playing football, tennis (we beat tryg and brock!), and eating. He is such a great brother.  He is tall and built, but has a sweet heart. Although, he does scare me when I have to play defense against him in football. He charges right at me, I am terrified/startled so I can't really move even though he thinks I am going to, so he ends up having to push me over because he is running towards me so fast haha. We miss you already Chad!

As for Valentines, we had to celebrate it Monday night, which was totally fine because it was my fault we couldn't on Tuesday...I had to work. We went to dinner at La Jolla Groves and had yummy food (their portions are a little small for Tryg though) and then had a delicious berries and ice cream dessert. We then went to a movie, and no, it wasn't The Vow! Neither of us wanted to watch it really so we went to Chronicle - weird, a little, but we thought it was pretty good. The cinematography was awesome. There aren't many movies like it. Tryg got me a pair of shoes that I wanted and wrote me a letter that made me smile - he is such a good writer. (He even did a nice picture for me on it.) I made him cinnamon twists (his mom makes them every Christmas and he LOVES them. He didn't get them this past Christmas so I thought I'd make him some), made him a card, and am in the process of ordering him a Nike Fuel Band. When I went to order one for him a couple weeks ago, they were sold out!:( No worries because I think they have more in now!

This is probably my first post without posting any pictures with it. It wont be a real one if I don't so here are some pictures of us on Valentines day 2 years ago when we were dating. I took him to iFly in Ogden and then to Tucanos!

The wind tunnel under neath us made our faces look hilarious. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jacket Sale!

I am selling a couple of sweet things from my closet that have just been ignored by me lately. I have too many jackets and just need to sell them to someone who will wear them!

[I am almost 5'8 and these jackets all fit me..]

Kenna-T 100% Leather Jacket
[Size Small]
(From Nordstrom. Orginally priced about $500)

I have only worn this jacket 2-3 times. Super cute. Size Small. As I said 100% leather and lined with 100% polyester. I showed the option of rolling up the sleeves to show that awesome cheetah print. 
PRICE: $100

Juicy Couture Faux Fur Jacket
[Size Small]
(Purchased at the Juicy Couture store in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally priced at $358)

As you can see the tags are still on it! I loved it when I bought but for some reason I never wore it? Maybe because people weren't wearing fur jackets two years ago? They sure are now though! 
PRICE: $100

J-Crew Wool Jacket SOLD
[Size 2]
(Purchased at J-Crew in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally priced around $200)

Again, I have only worn this jacket about 3 times. Size 2. It is 90% wool and 10% Nylon. Sleeves are lined with yellow!
PRICE: $50

Juicy Couture Down Jacket SOLD
[Size Medium]
(Purchased at Juicy Couture in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally around $400)

I have loved this jacket because it keeps me so warm! The hood and fur can each come off, so wear it how you like.  
PRICE: $85

Juicy Couture Jacket SOLD
[Size Small]
(Purchased at Juicy Couture in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally priced around $300)

(Sorry for the bad picture)
Hits me right around my waist. I have loved this jacket. 90% Cotton 10% Spandex
PRICE: $40

Marc by Marc Jacobs Zip Jacket
[Size XS]
(Purchased at Nemin Marcus in LA. Originally around $150)

This jacket color is dark Navy with pink lining. It has a cool design on it and is quite soft. 
Price: $30

Juicy Couture Off-White Jacket SOLD
[Size Medium]
(Purchased at Juicy Couture in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally $348 purchased on sale for $243)

Cute jacket, but NEVER worn! Goes a little below my waist. Material is a blend of cotton, rayon, and acetate. 
PRICE: $60

If you are interested in any of these items email me at or leave a comment! 
I will accept cash in person (I live in Provo, UT) or payment via Paypal. 

Tell all your friends that you think might be interested in any of these items!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Brother is a Boss

And a rock star. I love you Chad!

Christmas Break

Tryg and I spent our break in California visiting my family, reminiscing at the place we got married, shopping in San Fran, riding quads, shooting thousand yard targets, hunting jack rabbits that are eating my dad's broccoli fields, eating yummy food, and hitting up Disney Land and Newport Beach for the final hoorah! 

Almost a year and a half later...

 Tryg likes to stare at me when we kiss....

Big christmas tree in Union Square

 More kisses..yes we are still madly in love

 Love the faces

 The two love birds

 This was at about 11pm on New Year's Eve. It is tiring being at Disney 
Land ALL day, but very fun


Right after the sun set

We had a fun two weeks with the fam, but that was not the end of it...the party moved from California to Utah for whit's wedding.